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What Causes Teeth Staining And How Can It Be Solved?

A study conducted on behalf of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry found that nearly half of the adults involved (48%) claimed that after meeting somebody new, that person’s smile remained their most memorable feature. Moreover, the memory of their pearly whites was more significant than the first thing that they said. 

With National Smile Month running between 17th May and 17th June, let’s explore how to keep those teeth bright and healthy so the next time you meet someone new, they remember your smile for all of the right reasons. 

What Are Stained Teeth? 

Staining refers to the discolouration or darkening of teeth, moving them away from their natural white colour, to shades of yellow, brown or grey. Tooth staining falls into three distinct categories: extrinsic, intrinsic and age-related. 

Extrinsic staining is caused by lifestyle choices and affects the enamel, or surface, of the tooth. Conversely, intrinsic discolouration occurs within the tooth, resulting from injury, certain medications, tooth decay and, in some cases, genetics. Age-related teeth staining is often the culmination of years’ worth of extrinsic and intrinsic factors. 

Five Common Causes Of Teeth Discolouration

Food And Drink

Various things that we eat and drink can cause extrinsic staining. Food and drink residue can accumulate in the film of protein that covers the tooth enamel. Coffee, tea, wine, bread, pasta and other starchy foods are notable examples of this. 

Tobacco Use 

The nicotine and tar found in tobacco are absorbed into the microscopic pores found in the teeth, causing a yellow or brown discolouration. Nicotine itself is colourless, however, when it mixes with oxygen, it turns yellow. This means that even electronic cigarettes containing nicotine may stain teeth. 

Poor Dental Hygiene

Forgetting to brush and floss leads to a buildup of plaque and tartar which can appear yellow or brown in colour. Food stains that are not addressed lead to further discolouration. Stained teeth often contain cavities so it is important to arrange an appointment with your dentist to address these more serious issues.

Disease And Medication

Certain diseases prevent the development of tooth enamel and dentin, the porous core found under the enamel, which often results in discolouration. Medical treatments such as chemotherapy may also cause teeth staining. 


Tooth enamel wears away as we age, exposing the darker dentin found beneath. Years of food and drink staining adds to the discolouration. The margins where a filling meets the tooth can change shape over time, attracting foods that cause staining and harbouring plaque. It is important to replace old fillings to prevent these problems from occurring.  

Solutions To Teeth Staining At Yew Tree Dental

Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening is one of our most popular cosmetic procedures. We provide these treatments at our clinic or in the form of a home whitening kit. The severity of your teeth staining and the results you hope to achieve will determine which type of treatment we recommend. 

At the clinic, your dentist will apply light-activated gel containing hydrogen peroxide directly to your teeth. A light source causes a reaction in the gel which, in turn, reacts with the teeth to brighten the enamel. Heat accelerates the process, resulting in faster and long-lasting whitening.  

Home whitening involves wearing trays containing a small amount of whitening gel for up to two weeks. The trays are custom-made for your mouth, ensuring the treatment is as comfortable as possible. 

Porcelain Veneers

Acting like tooth-shaped covers, Porcelain Veneers sit over the entire front surface of the teeth. Rather than treating the existing stains, veneers disguise your natural teeth, covering them with white porcelain. 

Your dentist will take digital scans of your teeth in order for the veneers to be made. Treatment begins by preparing your teeth in order to snugly fit the veneers. These are then applied with adhesive glue, giving you the dazzling smile you have always dreamed of having. 

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Teeth Whitening Tips And Tricks

We all like to feel good, and for most, a big part of feeling good is looking good. There are many things that we do daily to enhance our image and self-esteem. This can be as simple as styling our hair or treating ourselves to a new outfit, deodorant or makeup. For most of us, this is also a big part of why we diet or make certain lifestyle choices.

Unfortunately, one of the biggest gripes adults have with their image is their teeth – with the term ‘smile anxiety’ being used to describe those who just don’t want to show off their pearly whites. According to a study found in the Journal of the American Dental Association, nearly 40% of adults are dissatisfied with their teeth, and the most common reason for this is due to teeth discolouration. 

If your teeth have become discoloured, you do not need to panic – there are many teeth whitening tips and tricks that will have you smiling happily in no time.

What Is Teeth Whitening? 

Teeth whitening is a cosmetic procedure that involves bleaching your teeth to make them lighter. There are numerous products and at-home techniques that can now help whiten your teeth, however, nothing quite compares to the standard of care you will receive at a professional dental service like ourselves.

Here at Yew Tree Dental, we stand by the fact that the best way to keep your teeth bright and healthy is by brushing, flossing and visiting a dental hygienist regularly. However, sometimes despite your best efforts, your teeth can still start to become discoloured. 

Why Choose Teeth Whitening? 

As you get older, you may start to notice that your teeth are becoming dull, discoloured or stained (here’s looking at you, red wine and coffee!)  This can happen for a multitude of reasons, however, it is usually a result of the food you consume on a daily basis, as well as how committed you are to cleaning and maintaining your teeth. 

The following factors are known to have the biggest impact on the health and colour of your teeth: 

  • Your diet, including both the food and drink you put into your mouth, can be one of the biggest causes of discoloured teeth. We recommend that you try and avoid foods that are high in tannins, such as red wine
  • Lifestyle choices, such as smoking or chewing tobacco, can greatly influence the colour of your teeth, as can poor dental hygiene. 
  • Some people will have naturally brighter teeth than others due to their genetics. Also, as you age, it is common for your enamel to wear away, often revealing a dull colour underneath. 

The above are not the only reasons for teeth discolouration – certain diseases, medications and environmental factors can also play a role.

Our Favourite Tips And Tricks

Although it may sound obvious, one of the most effective ways of keeping your teeth their natural white colour is by preventing tooth stains before they happen. Some of the best ways to do this, alongside your usual dental hygiene routine, include ensuring you are consuming a good amount of calcium, limiting the amount of sugar you eat, and finally, steering clear of coffee, red wine, soda and dark berries. If these must be part of your diet, we recommend that you use a straw when consuming them. 

There may be no substitute for a good scrub, however, eating plenty of fruit and veg is a great way to keep your teeth and body healthy. Crunchy, raw fruits and vegetables are especially good as they can help rub away plaque as you chew and swallow them.   

Our final tip to consider is baking soda! Baking soda has natural whitening properties which are why it is commonly found in many kinds of toothpaste. Brushing with a paste made from baking soda and water, or with toothpaste that includes it, can reduce bacteria in your mouth and help combat surface stains. One study even found that:

“toothpastes containing baking soda were significantly more effective at removing yellow stains from teeth than standard toothpastes without baking soda. The higher the concentration of baking soda, the greater the effect” 

Baking soda is a wonderful substance that people use in the most bizarre ways! Some swear by it for cleaning ovens and dishes, others use it to get the odour out of carpets and in some cases, it can even be used in your hair (apparently!) 

Teeth Whitening At Yew Tree Dental

At Yew Tree Dental, we provide our patients with the choice of an at-home, in-clinic or combination teeth whitening treatment. Our teeth whitening services start from £295 and can really give your smile a new lease of life. 

If you visit us in person, your dentist will use a light-activated gel containing hydrogen peroxide to treat your teeth. If you opt for the at-home option, you’ll need to wear custom-made trays for up to two weeks. These trays contain a small amount of bleaching solution to brighten up your teeth and smile. 

There is nothing to worry about when it comes to teeth whitening. It is one of the most common cosmetic dentistry treatments available today and can enhance your smile, giving your self-confidence a boost in the process.

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