Emergency Dental Care

Dental emergencies can happen at any time of the day or night. Some dental injuries may require immediate attention, whilst others may be able to wait until normal hours. If you have an emergency during surgery hours, telephone us immediately and make it clear that it is not a routine appointment. We will do our best to ensure you receive an appointment on the same day to receive critical early treatment. If the office is closed, please call anyway as we have guidance for emergency appointments during evenings and weekends which you can follow on our answerphone.

Emergency dental care is required for any injury, pain, or ongoing tissue bleeding that requires immediate attention. Injuries can include cracked, broken or knocked teeth as a result of a fall, biting hard food or sporting accident. Any type of tissue injury to the lips, cheeks, tongue and mouth, such as lacerations, tears and puncture wounds, are considered as a dental emergency. Other dental emergencies can include severe tooth pain due to an infection, abscess, swelling of the gums and mouth, broken dentures and loose crowns. If you come into us for emergency dental treatment, we will examine your mouth and face, and may carry out an xray and other tests. We will carry out such treatment as needed to stabilise the problem and enable further treatment to be completed in a following appointment.

Prices start from £71

Any treatment carried out is likely to be temporary in order to stabilise the injury or condition and you will need to return for a follow-up appointment to complete the repair. If we are unable to provide the assistance you need, we will refer you to a specialist.

Yew Tree Dental Care are based in Slough and will do our utmost to give you priority in the event of a dental emergency. We understand pain and injury can be frightening for patients of all ages, and our friendly and experienced team will be on hand to get you the assistance you need to alleviate the symptoms and prevent further damage.

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