Sunken Cheeks

Hollow, sunken cheeks are another one of the many signs of ageing that we are often plagued with. This loss of volume can contribute to the emergence of jowls and sagging in the lower face, thus ageing your appearance even further.

Why Do I Have Sunken Cheeks?

Sunken cheeks occur when you don’t have a lot of tissue between your zygoma (the bony arch of your cheek that sits under your eye) and your mandible (your lower jawbone). Both women and men can get sunken cheeks. This can not only cause you to look older, but will also make your face appear sullen. 

Sunken cheeks are a largely natural phenomenon. Over time, we lose subcutaneous facial fat, which is the fat that resides just under the surface of the skin. This often occurs around the eyes and mouth. Such a development can also be attributed to several extraneous factors such as illness, poor diet, smoking and being exposed to harsh weather conditions over a long period of time. 

Collagen production also slows down as we age and because collagen maintains the skin’s elasticity, this can only make things worse. When paired with the loss of subcutaneous fat, a depletion in collagen will often make an individual look older than they are. 

How Can They Be Treated?

At Yew Tree Dental Care, we can treat hollow, sunken cheeks with dermal fillers in a minimally invasive treatment that restores volume, structure and definition to this region of the face. 

When you attend a consultation, a member of our team will assess your needs and the look you would like to achieve before deciding on an appropriate volume of dermal filler to use. This non-surgical option is the ideal choice for those who would like plumper cheeks without going under the knife.

If you have sunken cheeks, there are very few factors that should disqualify you from being able to get dermal fillers. Unless you are suffering from an infection near the treatment site or you are taking certain types of medication, there isn’t really anything else that would impact your treatment options.

You will be able to see some immediate results following your treatment. Any swelling or bruising is likely to fade in the days following the procedure. It can take up to 2 weeks for the filler to settle and for you to see the final outcome of your treatment.

Your results could last for 6-12 months. Hyaluronic acid, which features prominently in dermal fillers, is a naturally occuring substance in the body and will therefore break down over time.

At Yew Tree Dental Care, our team is highly experienced in the delivery of aesthetics treatments. They’ll work with you to understand the results you want to achieve, talking you through your options thoroughly to ensure you’re happy with the treatment you receive.

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