Invisalign are the leading brand in ‘clear aligners’, a modern, transparent form of dental braces used to help straighten teeth. These near-invisible plastic orthodontic braces have gained immense popularity in the last 15 years, and are now used by millions of people across the world to gently adjust their teeth alignment
Custom-made for you using moulds and imaging technology, Invisalign uses a series of aligners that are changed every couple of weeks to gradually nudge the teeth into the desired position. Their near-invisible construction makes them ideal for adults and teenagers who want to discreetly enhance their smile, whilst the plastic composition makes them much more comfortable than traditional metal braces, with no metal or wire requiring adjustment or irritating the inside of the mouth. Whilst each aligner needs to be worn for a minimum of 20 hours a day for at least two weeks, easy removal allows them to fit in seamlessly with daily life for eating, drinking, and everyday oral hygiene.Invisalign treatment length depends on the level of adjustment needed – it can vary between 9 and 15 months, with an average of 18 – 30 aligners per patient. However each patient is unique - if the teeth need major adjustment, the process of repositioning can take much longer than a minor adjustment.

Prices start from £2095

In the early stages of treatment, some patients may experience some minor irritation to lips, gums and tongue as the mouth becomes accustomed to the aligners. In addition, some patients may experience a lisp when first using an aligner. The best thing to do is to practice speaking as much as possible to allow your tongue to adjust round the aligners.

As the aligners prevent saliva moving around your mouth, some patients may also develop a dry mouth and bad breath – regular water intake and daily brushing can help avoid this, as can good cleaning of your aligner.

Any orthodontic procedure of repositioning teeth will carry a certain level of discomfort. In general, Invisalign is less painful than traditional brace devices, but patients may experience soreness from both introducing the aligners to the mouth in early stages of treatment, and the ongoing pressure on the teeth. This ongoing pressure can be uncomfortable, typically heightened when a new aligner is required but which lessens with wear as the teeth begin to adjust to the new aligner.

The longevity of the results does, in part, depend on the patient. Invisalign can last a lifetime, if you change your aligners to schedule, visit your dentist regularly and wear retainers as required.

Yew Tree Dental Care are based in Slough and are highly experienced in developing and tailoring Invisalign treatment plans. We’re committed to helping you get, and maintain, the straighter smile you’re looking for, with a solution that fits around your lifestyle.

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