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Our Payment Plan – Denplan by Simply Health Professionals

Our Denplan payment plan is designed to help you budget for your dental charges throughout the year. The plan can also offer supplementary insurance should you need additional treatment in an emergency, following an accident or for serious dental conditions such as oral cancer. Click on the links below to find out more about our payment plan.

About our payment plan

Most people believe that tooth decay, gum disease and tooth loss are an inevitable part of growing older; but if you know how to take care of your teeth you should be able to look forward to a healthy mouth, throughout your life.

We recommend that our patients follow a programme of preventive care, using the skill of our practice team and support of the Denplan Essentials or Care payment plan.

For a fixed monthly sum, starting from as little as £13.64, Denplan Essentials and Denplan Care helps you to budget for regular, affordable, preventive dental care, without the fear of costly and unexpected bills.

How it Works

One of our highly experienced dentists at our practice will carry out a dental assessment. Guided by this initial assessment and on the proviso that you are dentally fit, we will establish your monthly payment. The payment will be collected monthly by direct debit by Simply Health Professionals.

Denplan Essentials Patient Benefits:

  • All check ups
  • All x rays
  • All Hygienist visits
  • Preventive advice

Denplan Care Patient Benefits:

As for Denplan Essentials plus major restorative care:

  • Extractions
  • Root Canal Treatments
  • Crowns (excluding laboratory fees)
  • Bridges (excluding laboratory fees)
  • Inlays/Onlays (excluding laboratory fees)
  • Biteguards (excluding laboratory fees)

Denplan Supplementary Insurance

Our optional Denplan Supplementary Insurance provides extra benefits and protects you in the case of accidental dental injury or dental emergencies.

For an additional £0.60 a month, Denplan Supplementary Insurance includes:

  • Up to £450 to temporary emergency treatment in the UK, when you’re more than 40 miles from your registered dental practice.
  • Up to £470 for temporary emergency treatment received abroad, anywhere in the world and specified worldwide dental injury cover.
  • Cover toward treatment costs if you have a dental injury.
  • Access to our exclusive 24 hour Worldwide Dental Emergency Helpline.
  • Cover for out of hours consultations in the event of a dental injury or dental emergency.
  • A hospital cash benefit if you are admitted overnight for dental treatment.
  • Mouth cancer cover up to £12,000.

When you are within 40 miles of your registered Denplan Provider you may call the practice and follow steps regarding emergency dental care outside of normal surgery hours.

Denplan Implant Upgrade Cover

Our Denplan Implant Upgrade Cover is an option which is only available when you choose Denplan Supplementary Insurance.  This additional cover provides payment or reimbursement towards dental implants in the event of a dental injury resulting in tooth loss (from an external blow to the mouth).

For Just £2.25 per person per month

For this small fee you’ll be covered for up to a maximum of £20,000 per incident and £2100 per dental implant fixture following a dental injury.

For Full information and details regarding Denplan price plans the above please call the surgery on 01753 522 500 or visit

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