Facial Volume Loss

Facial volume loss can dramatically age your overall appearance. As time passes, this natural occurrence may cause your skin to sag and wrinkle. But all is not lost. There are many effective ways of managing volume loss and the symptoms associated with this common concern. 

What Is Facial Volume Loss?

The term ‘facial volume loss’ refers to the natural process of the skin losing its elasticity, a development that normally results in sagging. Loss of facial volume is also a contributing factor in the emergence of fine lines and wrinkles.

What Causes Facial Volume Loss?

There are several factors that can cause a loss in facial volume. The most common is the ageing process, but others include weight loss, exposure to UV rays, smoking and some medical conditions.

Collagen keeps our skin looking young and plump. This protein strengthens the skin and is responsible for maintaining elasticity and hydration. As we age, our bodies start to produce less collagen, a process that begins in our mid to late twenties. 

After this point, the skin starts to become thinner, drier and is less able to spring back into place, the perfect environment in which for wrinkles to form.

Elastin is often spoken about in the same breath as collagen. This is another protein that ensures our skin retains its elasticity and flexibility. Sadly, elastin supplies also decline as time passes. As a result of this depletion, we’re often left with fine lines, wrinkles and sagging skin.

Recognising The Signs

You might have heard of something known as the ‘triangle of beauty’. If not, imagine an equilateral triangle, turn it upside down and place it in line with your eyes, with the bottom falling in line with your bottom lip. This shape pinpoints the areas of the face that are most likely to be affected by the visible signs of ageing. 

If you’re lucky enough to have only just started your ageing journey, your face should have the following features: high cheekbones, full jowls, smooth skin and a defined jawline. Yet, as we age, the ‘triangle of beauty’ inverts and we are left with a less-than-desirable appearance. 

How Can Loss Of Facial Volume Be Treated?

We can treat loss of facial volume with dermal fillers to create beautiful, natural results. These minimally invasive injectable treatments are used to restore lost volume and definition, providing patients with instant and noticeable outcomes. 

Dermal fillers are mainly composed of hyaluronic acid, a substance that rehydrates the skin and facilitates a more youthful appearance. 

If loss of facial volume is affecting your self-confidence, you could definitely benefit from treatment. There’s nothing worse than not looking as young as you feel, so following a consultation, we will do what we can to help.

There are several areas of the face that can be treated if you are suffering from facial volume loss. These include, but are not limited to, the under-eye area (tear troughs), jowls, forehead, and lips.

At Yew Tree Dental Care, our team is highly experienced in the delivery of aesthetics treatments. We’ll work with you to understand the results you want to achieve, discussing your options thoroughly to ensure you’re fully informed and happy with the treatment you receive.

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