Dental Implants

A dental implant is now a routine procedure for replacing missing teeth. Usually made of titanium and inserted directly into the jawbone, an implant is an artificial replacement root.


These near-invisible plastic orthodontic braces have gained immense popularity in the last 15 years, and are now used by millions of people across the world to gently adjust their teeth alignment

Cosmetic Bonding

Composite bonding is a form of cosmetic dentistry most commonly used to fix small cosmetic concerns with teeth, such as chips, cracks and slight crookedness.

Facial Aesthetics

Anti-Wrinkle Injections are used to smooth facial lines, creases and wrinkles. They are perhaps the most well-known of all aesthetics treatments and their popularity has never been greater.


Yew Tree Dental Care

Yew Tree Dental Care and Implant Centre is an award winning family run dental practice and has been established since the 1960s.


The principal dentists, Drs. Neel and Natasha Shukla are highly qualified in the dental world, and have a great team beside them to provide a positive dental experience in a relaxed and friendly environment.

Generations of satisfied patients and families visit us and our aim is always to build long term relationships with our patients.

Alongside General Dentistry, we are highly experienced in providing Dental Implant Treatment, Invisalign Orthodontics and also Teeth Whitening.


Our Dedicated Dentist Team

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