Colin Dunlop

Dental Hygienist

Colin Dunlop, Dental Hygienist

CEB Dip Dent Hygiene 2000 (Glasgow) 

Country of issue: U.K.

GDC No: 5773

Having gained a Diploma in Dental Hygiene in 2000 from Glasgow Dental Hospital, Colin has spent the last two decades planning, developing and implementing periodontal health and maintenance treatments for his patients.

Colin is a dedicated, highly motivated and passionate hygienist with a gentle touch which puts patients at ease.

He has a wealth of experience working in Central and West London for many years.

He takes great pride in making a difference to the successful outcome of treatments that he provides especially when dealing with chronic periodontal disease. 

Periodontal disease can often go unnoticed until it is quite advanced. Most people however will notice signs like red swollen gums, bleeding gums, gum recession, tooth sensitivity and bad breath. It’s at this point that he can help to ensure your gums stay healthy.

In addition, to helping maintain a healthy mouth, Colin takes particular care of patients who are having dental implantscosmetic procedures and orthodontic (braces) treatment.

Outside of work, he can usually found in parks or restaurants with his young family. When he has a minute to himself, he can usually be found with his nose in a book or in the kitchen baking.

He is an active member of:

British Society of Dental Hygienists and Therapists (BSDHT)

British Association of Dental Therapists (BADT)

British Society of Periodontology (BOP)

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