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Yew Tree Dental Care and Implant Centre is an award-winning, family-led specialist dental practice based in Slough that is on hand to assist with all of your dental needs. Whether you need a specialist dentist for a specific treatment, an emergency appointment or simply a local dentist near you, we have all the expertise and know-how to keep you smiling happily.

Here at Yew Tree, we are proud of all the staff that work tirelessly to provide you with the best dental care possible. However, patients have recently been lauding the work of Dr Narinder Dhadwal, our periodontal specialist who is the inspiration for this month’s blog.

Dr Narinder is a valued member of the team who specialises in everything gum-related, recently taking a particular interest in the treatment of gum recession. This blog focuses on everything periodontal (relating to the gums) and discusses several areas of dental hygiene, providing you with advice on how to avoid gum disease and the general practices you should follow to keep your gums in the best of health.

How to Spot Gum Disease

When it comes to having a healthy smile, gleaming, straight teeth aren’t everything. Even if you are cavity-free and haven’t had a dental problem since day one, you may still be prone to gum disease. Instead of worrying about whiteness, you should be paying close attention to plaque, the plague of all healthy mouths.

Plaque is a sticky substance that forms as leftover food particles and saliva start to build up. It is the main cause of gum disease and can be responsible for numerous infections and even tooth decay. If you think that you are developing gum disease, you should keep an eye out in case your gums become:

Tender or swollen
More prone to bleeding

In severe cases of gum disease, the bones that hold your teeth in place will be impacted – this can result in your bite becoming wonky, and in drastic cases, your teeth may need to be removed.

Preventing Gum Disease

The best way to manage gum disease is to ensure you never get it in the first place! Most mild cases of gum disease can usually be treated by simply keeping up a good level of oral hygiene, however, in some cases, you may need to visit a dental hygienist to give your mouth a thorough clean and remove any pesky plaque that has hidden away in those unreachable corners of your mouth.

We have included these top tips for preventing gum disease and keeping on top of your dental hygiene:

Floss, whenever you can, at least once a day. Flossing helps target the areas of your mouth that your brush can’t always reach, removing a good chunk of hidden plaque. It doesn’t matter when you floss, only if you floss.
Brush your teeth after every meal, for at least a couple of minutes. Remember to brush your tongue too, as harmful bacteria can also accumulate there.

Adjust your lifestyle, eat more healthily and quit smoking if you can as this may weaken your immune system. Also try and avoid coffee and wine as these can stain your teeth!

Invest in a medical-grade toothpaste and mouthwash, not only can these things help reduce plaque, but they can also prevent this from building up by removing food particles and debris from your mouth.
Last but by no means least, book in for regular dental check-ups and cleaning! A professional clean can go a long way and will leave you with an irresistibly fresh-feeling mouth.

Periodontists and You!

Although preventing gum disease and more serious oral conditions should be your top priority, sometimes this just isn’t possible. If you find yourself in a position where you have a condition that isn’t responding well to your hygienist’s treatment, then it might be time to consider a more extensive procedure.

Dr Dhadwal is our expert when it comes to tackling more complicated and uncommon gum concerns, specialising in surgical periodontal treatments, periodontal plastic surgery and everything in between. If you are worried about your gums or have been recommended to a specialist periodontist, then our team will be on hand to help you get an appointment with Dr Dhadwal scheduled in as soon as possible.

We know most people aren’t sitting at home eagerly awaiting their next trip to the dentist, however, we cannot stress enough the importance of regular check-ups and frequent hygienist appointments. Even if the professionals performing these services identify a gum condition that is out of their remit, they will be able to point you to experts like Dr Dhadwal. Just remember, seeking a more advanced form of treatment could be the difference between a gleaming smile or one filled with missing teeth!

Our Periodontal Specialist

Dr Narinder Dhadwal is a specialist periodontist here at Yew Tree Dental – she qualified from St Bartholomew’s & The Royal London School of Medicine and Dentistry in 2007. During her studies, she was awarded the Harold Fink Prize for outstanding academic achievement, and she hasn’t looked back since!

Dr Dhadwal continued her studies, completing a 3-year postgraduate training course in Periodontology and Implants at the Royal London Hospital and has presented some of her work in front of leading international dentistry associations. It’s safe to say we are proud to have Dr Dhadwal working with us here at Yew Tree, a feeling shared by her countless happy patients and colleagues.

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Yew Tree Dental Care and Implant Centre is proud to offer top-quality dental care to all patients in Slough and beyond. Established in the 1960s, we are well known for our commitment to excellence in all areas of dentistry and perform a wide range of dental services in a relaxing and friendly environment.

At Yew Tree, we like to believe that our success is no accident and we are always looking for ways we can improve our practice, from participating in postgraduate studies to acquiring the latest technologies. Our continuous effort to improve ourselves is emphasised in everything we do and we really enjoy providing exemplary dental care to all those who need it.

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Slough Based Dentist

Tackling Toothache

Visiting the dentist isn’t a pleasant experience for everyone, and we know some people have anxieties and worries about dental and medical treatments at the best of times, let alone with everything going on with coronavirus. However, there are times when you need to be aware of what’s going on in your mouth – sometimes biting your tongue to get through the pain just isn’t going to cut it!

Toothache is extremely common, with most of us having suffered with it in some form or another at some point in our lives. Often, the pain is only small and temporary and can sometimes reveal itself after you’ve eaten something too hot or too cold! Yet, in certain situations, the pain can be unbearable – it is times such as these when visiting or contacting your emergency dentist at Yew Tree Dental is advised.

What Causes Toothache?

Toothache can be caused by numerous different things, ranging from ulcers or receding gums to an infected dental pulp. Normally, toothache won’t go away on its own, and if it does, it often comes back in a much more severe way. The longer you leave or tolerate toothache, the worse it is going to get – so seeking help sooner rather than later is something we advise!

One of the most common causes of toothache is tooth decay which occurs as a result of the bacteria that builds up in your mouth. This bacteria loves the food that you love – moulding with the sugars and starches to create a layer of plaque! Plaque is a sticky film which will erode the enamel on your teeth over time, eventually resulting in toothache!

Additional reasons for toothache include:

Bacterial infections
Jaw alignment issues
Sinus problems
Broken fillings
Cracked or fractured teeth

When To Visit a Dentist

Toothache is often a sign of a bigger problem that can negatively affect your oral health, and in some instances, your health in general! That is why it’s best to see your dentist as soon as the problem arises – the longer you leave it, the more serious the problem is likely to become.

We recommend that you see a dentist if you have oral pain that lasts for more than two days or doesn’t go away after you have taken painkillers. Having a high temperature and pain when you bite are often signifiers that you should probably visit a dentist as well!

If you have made an appointment but are struggling to ease your pain whilst you wait, then we would recommend taking household painkillers such as ibuprofen or paracetamol. If this doesn’t work then you can also try rinsing your mouth with salt water. Try and avoid sweet foods and those that are very hot or cold as they can make the pain worse!

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Denplan: Dental Care for Everyone

Treatment from the NHS.

Denplan is a great option if you find yourself worrying about how you’re going to pay for your next appointment or are looking for peace of mind when it comes to your dental care – your teeth are important, so don’t let the cost get in the way of a confident smile. There are also different membership options available to cater to a range of dental needs and desires. We have a plan for everyone!

What Are the Options?

Denplan Essentials provides you with the routine preventative care you need to keep a healthy smile, year in, year out. The price of the plan fluctuates depending on how often you want treatment, allowing almost anyone to join. The basic package includes two dental examinations per year, as well as two hygienist appointments. It also includes cover for X-rays and oral cancer screenings. Unfortunately, the plan doesn’t extend to restorative dental treatments or cosmetic treatments, however, you do get a 10% discount on various procedures from crowns through to fillings!

Denplan Care is a more comprehensive version of cover, though with this option you are required to undergo a dental assessment to see if you are dentally fit before you sign up. With Denplan Care, your dentist will advise you on the number of check-ups, hygienist appointments and X-rays you are likely to need regularly – the cost of the plan will then be adjusted to reflect the care you are receiving. If you choose this option, all of your routine fillings, extractions and, if needed, root canal treatments, are included in the price. You also only have to pay the lab fees on certain other procedures!

Denplan Supplementary Insurance is an optional part of the cover that you can opt into if you so desire. With this insurance, you will be covered for out-of-hours consultations and dental emergencies, as well as gain access to a 24-hour worldwide dental emergency helpline! You will also get temporary emergency treatment when overseas.

About Us

Yew Tree Dental Care is an award-winning, family-run practice that was established in the 1960s. We offer a range of treatments from fillings and implants to Invisalign, and we are here to help you get the smile you’ve always wanted.

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Get Your Smile Back With Teeth Whitening At Yew Tree Dental

Get Your Smile Back With Teeth Whitening At Yew Tree Dental

Due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, it’s clear that 2020 isn’t exactly panning out anyone expected it to. For many of us, this has meant getting used to alternative ways of doing things and learning how to balance our work and home lives like never before. That’s why we’re trying our best to keep things as normal as possible at Yew Tree Dental.

As part of this mission, we’ve become more committed than ever to providing all of our patients with exemplary dental care, regardless of the reason for their visit. And, in addition to performing several general dentistry procedures in this time, we are also meeting a heightened demand for more cosmetic procedures such as teeth whitening.

Looking to get your smile back? You’ve come to the right place.


What is teeth whitening?

It’s rare that any of us has a perfectly white set of teeth, but that doesn’t mean that things have to stay that way. Teeth whitening is a treatment in which bleaching agents are used to eliminate staining and discolouration that has emerged on our teeth over time. This can appear as a natural by-product of ageing, but can also be influenced by several lifestyle factors such as whether or not you’re a smoker and the regular consumption of drinks such as red wine, coffee or tea.


How does it work?

At Yew Tree Dental, patients can choose from a number of different teeth whitening options. The first of these takes place at our practice and involves the application of a light-activated gel to your teeth by one of our highly trained dental professionals.

If you’d rather complete this treatment in your own time, we can also provide you with the tools to carry out your own personal teeth whitening programme from the comfort of your own home. In this instance, we will create a mouthguard unique to the shape of your teeth and supply you with enough bleaching solution to last up to two weeks.

Alternatively, you can enhance your smile by combining the best elements of both of these treatments and we can help you put together a treatment plan to meet all of your individual aims and outcomes.


Book your treatment today

With results lasting up to three years, teeth whitening is certainly a viable way of leaving your teeth looking their best and restoring the confidence you’ve lost as a result of these less-than-desirable blemishes and stains. To book your teeth whitening treatment with Yew Tree Dental, call us on 01753 522500 or visit our website today.

teeth-straighten in slough

Invisalign: Teeth-Straightening In Slough

Our smile can say a lot about us and can be key in helping us to make that crucial first impression with everyone we meet. Yet, this can be problematic for those who feel their smiles aren’t up to scratch, with crooked, misaligned or incorrectly positioned teeth so often assuming responsibility for the lack of confidence or low self-esteem these people can experience on a daily basis.

Fortunately, you don’t have to grin and bear it. With Invisalign, a popular teeth realignment treatment, millions of people across the world have enjoyed the benefits of a straighter smile, and this is a service that we are proud to offer at Yew Tree Dental Care and Implant Centre.

As the premier providers of teeth-straightening products in Slough and the surrounding areas, we have a long history of guiding our patients through personalised Invisalign treatment plans in order to help them to regain their confidence and find their perfect smile.

What is Invisalign and how does it work?

Invisalign is the leading manufacturer of clear orthodontic braces designed to aid the process of teeth straightening and realignment for those seeking a more evenly balanced smile. Used by both teens and adults all over the world, these specialist braces, otherwise known as “aligners”, work to gradually reposition teeth over a set period of time – a process that can take anywhere between 4-9 months.

Over the course of this treatment, these moulded devices should be replaced at set intervals to accommodate the ever-shifting position of the teeth. The average patient will use up to 30 aligners in this time.

What are the main benefits of Invisalign?

Unlike other, more traditional forms of teeth correction, Invisalign aligners are much more discreet and almost invisible when in use. In terms of comfort, these modern devices seldom cause any pain or irritation and can be easily removed at mealtimes, when taking a drink or during the completion of your daily oral hygiene routine. The results of Invisalign can also last a lifetime, providing you see this treatment through to the end.

Invisalign at Yew Tree Dental Care and Implant Centre

At Yew Tree Dental Care and Implant Centre, Invisalign is one of our most popular treatments and we see ourselves as experts in the provision of this form of teeth-straightening treatment. To this end, we have recently invested in a digital scanner which allows us to take a 3D image of your teeth and show you how your smile will appear if you choose to complete your Invisalign journey with us.

If you’re still unsure about what this treatment can do for you, we offer a full refund (£30) following your attendance at an initial Invisalign consultation with one of our practitioners, so this is something that’s really worth considering.

Book in with us today

Over the past 60 years, our family-run practice has dedicated itself to excellence in all forms of dental care and we’re developed a reputation for our patient-friendly approach to all of our work, being recognised for such with a series of prestigious awards.

To book in for your Invisalign consultation and recieve your teeth-straightening in Slough or any other one of our services, give us a call on 01753 522 500 or email us at [email protected] today.

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